Well Hello 2015

New Year's morning run with my girl, Danielle

Happy new year to all!  Another year, another beginning.   Where to begin? I could start with how busy I've been since moving into my new house and getting into a new routine.  But that's not a good first post for 2015.  I'd rather just start with how happy I am.  I am so grateful for a new beginning beyond the January 1st thing. … [Read more...]


This is before.  I can't wait for the after!

October really?  Already?! Summer has come (barely) and gone.  October is bittersweet for me.  It is the start of the Fall marathon season.  Most importantly in this neck of the woods, it is the one year anniversary of my NYC marathon debut.  It was such an amazing experience last year.  While I am not running NYC or any marathon this year, I … [Read more...]

Does Wonder Woman take time off?

For now, if you need anything, Super Girl is at your service. :)

Yes I do.  Only when I have no other choice. Welcome to Fall!  Changes in the leaves and my address... soon.  I should be moving into my new house within the next two weeks.  For now, it's just about getting the kids to school, myself to work and making sure everything else is status quo.  Sadly I had to back out of a few races on my schedule … [Read more...]

Summer Update

Is it already mid-August?  Where did the summer go?  My son had one week left of camp.  Even more final is that after four and a half years in her daycare, next Friday will be her last day.  She has literally been there since she was three months old.  In two weeks, they will both be starting a new school and in three weeks we will be living in a … [Read more...]